Melanie Berry recognised by The University of Nottingham

October saw Very Berry founder Melanie Berry recognised by The University of Nottingham for her contribution to many entrepreneurs working at the University’s Ingenuity Lab.

The University of Nottingham has recognised the outstanding voluntary efforts of a number of alumni and residents at its annual Supporter Reception
From increasing awareness about the impacts of slavery at local heritage sites to raising thousands of pounds for the University’s breast cancer research programme, the activities the volunteers support are wide-ranging.

Over 360 alumni and community volunteers contributed time over the last academic year, with 19 different individuals or groups recognised in the volunteer awards — including seven from Nottingham — which were introduced by the University Vice Chancellor Shearer West.

Other local winners include:

* John Charles-Jones, a volunteer for over 10 years, inspiring countless students and helping the University’s Rural Business Research Unit become a beacon of excellence in farming research.

* The Nottingham Slave Trade Legacies Group, consisting of mainly African Caribbean heritage volunteers, who have raised awareness of the implications of the Transatlantic Slave Trade on the development of modern Britain and helped make the contributions of their enslaved ancestors clear at popular heritage sites, including Newstead Abbey.

* Mel Berry, Tom Preece and Ed Wright from the University’s Ingenuity Lab, who have helped mentor business students.

* Kate Sartain, who volunteers in the University’s Dementia, Older People and Palliative Care patient and public involvement group which supports those working in the field of research concerning frailty and dementia.

* MacJay Makinde-Ojo, an alumnus who continuously gives his time across a huge number of activities, including raising awareness of Black History Month

* Laura Outhwaite, who whilst studying her undergraduate, postgraduate and PhD at Nottingham volunteered in schools and created a revolutionary American Football training programme.

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